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Custom Catagory Template

Claudia M

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I have what I think may be a really dumb question.  I use a HIGHLY modified foundation skin.  On the category page I just use the grid view.  Do I still need need all the coding like below (but maybe not limited to). Or can I use it kinda like my related products

<div id="ccScroll">

<div class="product_grid_view">


Thanks in advance!

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You can delete this:

<div class="hide" id="ccScrollCat">224</div>
<a href="/beer-and-liquor-bottles.html?page=2" data-next-page="2" data-cat="224" class="button tiny expand ccScroll-next hide-for-medium-up">
  More <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-angle-down"></use></svg>
<div class="text-center hide" id="loading"><svg class="icon-x3"><use xlink:href="#icon-spinner"></use></svg></div>

This [More] button only becomes visible on a mobile device. Since this page uses numbered 'pagination', this button is superfluous.

Otherwise, what concerns do you have that keeping the rest of the code as is may cause problems?

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