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Cache Not Updating ..


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CubeCart  6.4.4, recently upgraded.


When we change/add a product the changes do not show unless we go to the maintenance section and manually 'Clear Cache', is this an issue or is it supposed to be like that ? 


Also since the upgrade the Clear Cache at right hand top of window has disappeared, but I guess that was planned?



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Quite a number of versions back, CubeCart would clear the cache each and every time the admin clicked the Save button. CubeCart's programmers determined this to be 'over-zealous'.

The latest versions now require the admin to clear the cache manually which means a variable amount of work can be done before the customer sees the output of that work session.

Not seeing the manual Clear Cache button at the top right suggests you will need to force your browser to reload the page resources (javascript, css, images), as these may have changed between versions. This is usually done with Ctrl-F5.


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