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Customizing a Product with Multiple Fields


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I am sorry if this is a repeat, but I did not see another topic that helped.

I am working on a website for a small mom/pop company that customized products using a CO2 laser, but I admit, I am a novice at CubeCart. They would like the customer to 1) select the product, 2) enter the text they wish to have added to the product, 3) select one of the fonts offered, and 4) if desired, choose the clipart they want added to the product. I’ve gotten as far as creating a product, in this case a thermal mug, and have been able to apply options, such as color choices. However, I cannot seem to figure out yet how to also add font choices, a field to enter text into, and a way to select clipart. Is there an add-in for this, or have I gotten completely over my head? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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When creating options, there is a chooser to select what type of option this option is going to be: drop-down selector, radio buttons, a single line text entry field, or a multi-line text entry box.

So, the same way you created the option for color, choose a text line or text box for the customer's text, radio or drop-down for the font, and if there is a limited choice of clipart, radio or drop-down, but if the choices are numerous, a text line with the name of the clipart which is displayed elsewhere.

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There is this (customer's point of view):


There is also this (admin's point of view):


Noodleman and Havenswift modules require ionCube for PHP. The "loader" is easily installed by the hosting provider (and yet, a few hosts are reluctant). So, if you are hosted, examine the features of your hosting environment to see if ionCube is already operational.



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