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All pages but main page error with 404

Cacao Kingdom

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Moving this to forums.

Recently our website started having error where pretty much every page other than the main landing page 404 errors. Product images and links are displayed on the sidebar and on the main page but clicking on any of them goes to a 404 not found error.

-I am up to date and using the latest rev available.

-I have cleared the cache many times in the course of troubleshooting.

-I have tried changing the SEO to html

No changes occurred by doing any of these.

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In looking at your site:

Using the original 'standard', non-seo-friendly URL pattern:
Works, but CubeCart should 302 bounce you to either:

Additionally, using what should happen with the rewrite rules in the .htaccess file:
Does not work:

Note the double .html suffixes.

This suggests the 'path' column in the database table 'CubeCart_seo_urls' for all rows has an .html suffix.

This then suggests that an upgrade to one of the latest versions of CubeCart did not succeed in applying changes to the CubeCart_seo_urls table where the .html suffix was stripped off.

In admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab, what is the first entry in the Upgrade History table?

In the admin Dashboard, Store Overview tab, what is reported as the CubeCart version?


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Make sure the folder /setup/ exists. If it doesn't, download CC644 to your local computer, extract the /setup/ folder, then FTP that folder to your site.

Run www.mysite.com/setup/index.php

The setup system will determine if the database needs updating. If so, you will be given a choice of a fresh database or to update the existing database.

Choose to update.

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