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IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE (Why is this showing: all images are there in images/source folder)


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I've never seen this before!

Things to check:

1. Load the image /images/source/1PS19HBB102.jpg into an image editor (such as Irfanview, Microsoft Paint, Corel Draw, etc). Examine the image properties. If the EXIF info says for ColorSpace other than sRGB, then the PHP extension "GD" might not know how to handle these JPG images.

2. Make sure PHP's "GD" extension is installed and enabled. In CubeCart's admin, PHP Info, scroll down the list of tables until you find, or should find, "gd". If the GD table is not in the PHP Info page, find out how to enable it.

3. Do these images appear on the store front? Check the error log.

4. Check the error log. In admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab, see if any errors are logged relating to problems with images.

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