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add video in product images


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I want to have a short video as one of the product images, is this possible without custom coding? If so how do I do it?


BTW, i am hoping  I could just upload the .mov in the same place as uploading images and set it checked for the product. Or something similar to that at least.

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Thank you so much!!

I read the topic you linked, looks like they want the same as I do.

Should I be waiting on the solution or will this take some time? I am not being pushy, just I have seen you in action before so don't know if this is something easy for you or a big undertaking.

I could embed video tags in something somewhere if that is all I need, I just need help knowing where to do that. That would not be the clean answer I was hoping for, but it would work.

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Just to make a video file available is very easy: just code a <video> tag in the product's description.



But to make a reference to a video file, to associate it with a product in the same way as with JPG images, for a thumbnail to use in the product's Image Gallery, that will take some interesting coding.

I am almost done - if I can just get past all these holidays!

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