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How did he order?


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My store is for UK customers only.

Yet, _somehow_ someone from Australia managed to place an order via my store!

In Admin Console, Dashboard ->  Settings -> Countries & Zones - I have Australia set as Disabled.

And for Dashboard -> Manage Extensions -> PayPal Commerce Platform -> Allowed Zone - I have only United Kingdom listed there. Nothing else.

So how he was able to bypass it and placed an order?

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I am not really familiar with many of the PayPal modules. Are you familiar with this module having that mode where the customer can fill in their address at PayPal, and then where PayPal sends that back to CubeCart so that CubeCart updates the customer's Order Summary details (such that the customer initially specified a UK address at checkout)?

Does this issue seem applicable?



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You also posted this:


which a comment near the end asks what I asked here, earlier.

The PayPal Commerce module description on the Marketplace suggests version 1.4.9 begins to implement a fix for some sort of country dis-allowance problem.

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Al had to sort mine out in October as I had similar problems and seeing as Paypal no longer refund fees it was costing me a bomb in cancelled order fees.

There were quite a few places that needed the country check enabling or adding but I don't know where he did it.

You also need to fill in your enabled and disabled zones for AIOS and commerce.

If a customer in another country is already registered then you need to remove them as it only checks when a new customer places an order.

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