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GlobalPost International Shipping extension available?


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In Sept. the US Postal Service suspended First Class International packages shipping to Australia. They are referring people to a shipping company called GlobalPost International Shipping. Stamp.com is working with GlobalPost, too. However, GlobalPost options aren't showing up in the USPS CubeCart extension.

Anyone know of someone working on a GlobalPost extension for shipping?


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It seems like you're looking for an extension for CubeCart that supports GlobalPost International Shipping, especially in light of the suspension of First Class International packages shipping to Australia through the US Postal Service. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I don't have real-time information on specific developments in CubeCart extensions or third-party integrations.

However, here are a few steps you might consider:

Reach out to the CubeCart community and forums to inquire about whether anyone is working on or has developed a GlobalPost extension for shipping. Other users or developers might have insights or solutions to share.Check if there are third-party developers or companies specializing in CubeCart extensions and integrations. They might be able to create a custom extension to support GlobalPost if one doesn't already exist.Reach out to CubeCart's official support channels to inquire about the availability of a GlobalPost extension or if they have any recommendations for alternative shipping solutions that could work for your specific needs.Keep an eye on CubeCart's official website, documentation, and forums for any announcements or updates related to new shipping extensions or integrations.If there's an existing USPS extension for CubeCart, it's possible that it might be updated or adapted to support GlobalPost. You might want to inquire with the extension's developers or maintainers.If you have programming skills or access to a developer, you could consider building a custom extension to support GlobalPost for your specific use case.

Remember that the information and solutions might have changed since my last update, so I recommend reaching out to the CubeCart community, support channels, and relevant forums for the most current and accurate information.


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GlobalPost International Shipping is a shipping service that enables businesses to ship international parcels fast and affordably, saving time and money. The service offers both Standard and Economy International Services, with a weight limit of up to 70 lbs. and coverage up to $100. GlobalPost has partnerships with global postal carriers and a software-based network that allows flexibility, ensuring the best service at the lowest rates with every shipment. The service includes free HS Code Classification, no volume requirements, free phone and email support, and more. GlobalPost also offers delivery confirmation and door-to-door tracking to over 200 countries. The service is available for parcels up to 70 lbs. and offers proof of delivery and free insurance for 36 countries, which account for more than 90% of all shipments. GlobalPost is part of the Stamps.com family, the leading USPS shipping provider with over 700,000 customers.



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