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Checkout order number and price swapped


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Using a programmer's text editor, open the file /language/de-DE.xml.

Looking at lines 17-21, find what looks like:


The latest version is 2.0.0 - but the problem is still present.

For version 1, scroll to near line 488. For version 2, scroll to near line 578. Then find:

<group name="checkout">

Eight lines after that, find:

<string name="make_payment" introduced="5.0.0"><![CDATA[Für Bestellnummer <strong>%s</strong> wird eine Summe von <strong>%s</strong> fällig]]></string>

Please compose for yourself a new phrase that is a translation of this English phrase: (Note: change only the contents inside the CDATA[ and ]] delimiters.)

<string name="make_payment" introduced="5.0.0"><![CDATA[A total of <strong>%s</strong> is due for order number <strong>%s</strong>]]></string>

Note the order of the sentence subjects. Whatever the new phrase, the subjects in the sentence must match the English phrase - amount then order number.

You will see that the current Deutsch phrase has the order of the subjects in the sentence backwards - order number then amount.

Save the edited file, and have CubeCart clear its internal cache (in admin, button at the top-right corner).

An issue will be posted in the Github.

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