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We are looking for advise on what shipping extension to use for our store. We are new to cubecart. 

We are currently using All In One Shipping with USPS flat rate boxes as option but need help on how to ship multiple products in one flat rate box.

How do you work around this? A different extension?

Thanks in advance for your advice. 


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There may have been a shipping module that tried to coordinate volumetric data to box dimensions, but I don't see it now, if it existed.

The AIOS module does not do volumetric computations - very specific dimensions of the box being one of the defining characteristics of the Flat Rate box service of the USPS (the other being a max weight of 70# if I recall).

With a Flat Rate box, I think its contents (of your inventory of shirts and coffee) will likely never reach the weight limit.

So, perhaps, depending on how tightly the shirts are folded, one can assume then that each shirt could have the same volume as a bag of coffee. If so, then a "Total Quantity" set of conditions could be employed.

Do you have any other conditions on shipping your inventory?

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