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Elephant in the room - how to get visitors? And make them multibuy?

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OK here's my gripe about all carts - not just the Cubic variety.

We want comparable sales to eBay or Amazon. How do we get this?

Any actual success stories where sales have gone from mediocre to strong?



Of course, once you get an influx of visitors, you'll need to offer multibuy deals. This is a gripe specific to CubeCart and one other cart l won't mention: l think l tried a multibuy extension but it just didn't work. This to me is essential to drive sales.

I'd want Buy 4, get extra 1 free (the free one being the cheapest in the cart), in conjunction with other BOGO deals as an accumulator which funnels sales to higher and higher quantities, such that you have Buy 4 get extra 1 free, Buy 10 get extra 4 free ... then it jumps to Buy 20 get extra 10 free. It doesn't permit Buy 10 get 4 free plus Buy 4 get extra 1 free i.e. it will discourage the purchase of 19 items in total (10+4, plus 4+1), instead if you add 19 to the basket, you only get the 10 plus 4 free deal, i.e. out of your 19 items, only 4 will be free of charge. As soon as you get to 20 items then avail yourself of another 10 free items !

This is done by having your multibuy accumulator as exclusive ranges, so if cart quantity is within the given range, then that specific deal kicks in (e.g. 4-5 items means 1 extra free, and it's the cheapest 1, 6-9 items  means 2 extra items free, and it's the cheapest 2, 10 to 19 items means 4 extra items free, and it's the cheapest 4).  If one of these deals is being struck, no other deals can be applied. However, when you reach the very top of the accumulator e.g. buy 20 items, add an extra 10 for free, and those 10 will be the cheapest items ... that deal is exclusive just like the other BOGO tiers i.e. no other deals can kick in, but*also* it's recursive i.e. it's the ultimate deal, it recurs in multiples of itself up to infinity.





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I, too, am interested in MultiBuy. I have installed Drupal and the eCommerce solution built for it, which has a MultiBuy feature. It's all basically a logic table -- just need to wrap my head around it.

The eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Apple App Store, etc. -- I would say it's all name recognition, coupled with the (very real) expectation that these storefronts/platforms would have listed what you want no matter what it is. So, naturally it seems, that's where you start looking.


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