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login/register page missing - goes to 404

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after upgrading my shop to 6.5.0-b3, the login/register is not working anymore.  I get an error :

404 - Page Not Found

Sorry but the page you are looking for could not be found.

'404' page



Hope someone can help me... shop is online :-(....

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If you are using a skin that has not been updated for several versions, it may be the case that the Login, Register, and maybe a couple of other links are hard-coded to have a .html extension, where the version of CubeCart being run is expecting URLs to not have the .html extension.

I will try to find a conversation on these forums that details the fix.

Please see:



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thank you so much for giving me a bit of hope :-)!!!!

I'm using the default skin: foundation and never did 'something' with it ...other then just upgrading the cubcart versions....

So I could upgrade the skin as well?

tank you !!!!!

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If you are using Foundation, and have not made a renamed copy of the actual Foundation skin folder and then using that, then when upgrading CubeCart (whole-cloth, not in a piecemeal fashion), the Foundation skin gets upgraded along with the core code.

So, please review the files as detailed in the link above to see what your situation is.


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