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https://ftp adress being used for order management


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Hi All,

       I have a client that has just received a email message stating that the order that has been just created can be managed by following the link e.g. https://ftp.champcoclothing/admin.php?.............. unfortunately when the user follows this link system fails stating the connection isn't private and attackers might be able to steal information. This client has been using cubecart for many years and has no problems previously and has always managed his orders using the link provided. The link that is normally provided is https://www.champcoclothing.com.au/admin.php?...............  I have checked with his hosting provider and they have said the reason for the failure is because his site doesn't have an SSL certificate the protects https://ftp type sites which is all fair and correct however my question is what causes an order to create a management link with https://ftp...... when always in the past it has been https://www.champcoclothing.com.au/admin.php?............

Has anybody had a similar problem, any help would be appreciated

Best Regards,


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CubeCart does a good job of figuring out where it is, but only so far as what it is told.

If the web server has a vhost config file that does not discriminate on the sub-domain, or there are two or more vhost config files that point to the same installation, then CubeCart will use whatever the web server says.



CubeCart will respond to any and all of them. It is up to the web server's vhosts config files to discriminate on the sub-domain.

However, once CubeCart runs through its steps to deliver a page, with an empty cache, some parts are then cached complete with that last used domain -- ftp.example.com, in your case.

Still, the steps when CubeCart is working through completing an order, having been given the domain, will continue to use it for all the pages delivered.

Clear CubeCart's cache, and have the hosting provider assist you with getting the web server's vhosts files to answer to only www.

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