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Change background colours on responsive themes


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42 minutes ago, bsmither said:

May we have a web address to examine the page?


Sorry, it isn't on the web yet, I am just running it locally.

What I am trying to do is change the background colours of either Dillon or Amzin to match the rest of my site. Both of those skins have huge areas of white that I would like to change.

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There is no special file/folder structure to 'responsive' skins. The skin designer can use whatever file/folder structure is necessary or just because it ends up that way. There are only three provisos (I think):

1. There must be a config.xml in the main folder that conforms to a dictated structure and that has required info,
2. There must be a /templates/ folder having a defined set of templates with specific names,
3. There must be an /images/ folder with at least the 'noimage' image as declared in the <images> node of the config.xml file.

For Amazin, the bulk of the CSS rules are in the skin's css/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css file. It will be very difficult to find what you need to change in this file.

Amazin also has a set of 'override' files: /css/style.css and cubecart.style##.css. In these files are rules that customize the theme.

In style.css, the first rule colors the textual material in the body (when not specified by another rule). It is here that you can try to add to this rule:



Change to:


You will need to have CubeCart clear its cache, and force your browser to fetch fresh copies of page resources (usually by CTRL-F5).

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Thanks for that info.

I've managed to change the main background colour using your method, but with all the other modding I want to do, using responsive skins is going to be way too complicated!

I'm fine with modding the standard skins, and it is easy to just do a text search to find things, but this is a whole new level of difficult!

I'll leave that to the real coders and just build the site to compromise the look on PC and smartphone, and stop trying to be too clever!

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