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Change Tab Color

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In the admin skin file layout.css, near line 463, is a style rule for all tabs. Then, near line 489, is a style rule for the tab that is selected.

A tab has a background that is light-grey, unless selected, which is white.

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the HTML code that the browser could use to positively identify that any page is for anything specific: categories, products, documents, etc.

So, we will try to have Smarty add styling if a certain condition applies.

In the admin skin template main.php, near line 60, find:

         <div id="content">
            <div id="tab_control">

On a new blank line after that, add:

              {if $smarty.get._g eq "products"}
                #content #tab_control div.tab {
                  background-color:#DDF !important;
                #content #tab_control div.tab-selected {
                  background-color:#AAF !important;

This tests if the web address, in the querystring, has _g=products, then put in the styling.

Pick your own selected and non-selected tabs' background colors.

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