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About two weeks ago we started to populate the options matrix with product codes in readiness for a new internal system.

Today, I've seen an order where there were 8 options of the same item, and 7 of the options matrix didn't populate.

My intial thoughts were that the customer may have added these to his basket before we made the changes.

PHP ini has session.gc_maxlifetime configured for 604800, which equates to 7 days.

Delving deeper, this product was last updated 10 days ago, so the customers basket ought to have expired by now ??

Any thoughts why the matrix codes were not shown on the order



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Posted (edited)

Another one today. Any pointers of where to start looking ???


Something I've found.

If I look at the order overview in cubecart, I can see that the products have not been updated with the matrix codes.

If I enter in to 'inventory', choose 'save & reload', when I go back to overview the matrix codes are now populated.


More info:

I managed to speak to the customer, and he says that he added these to his basket a few weeks ago, (before we updated the matrix).

So I guess eventually, these will peter out.

However, what's just as interesting, is whist the matrix options didn't take effect, a recent price change on the same product did. ?????

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As I understand the code, CubeCart is very aggressive about making sure the products in the basket have the current and appropriate prices (no more on sale, customer group rates, etc). Also, whether any discounts (coupons) still apply after more "Continue Shopping" while checking out - free shipping, etc.

Also, if the customer is logged in, CubeCart will database the customer's shopping cart, allowing the customer to sign in and out and in and out without losing their selection.


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