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All In One Shipping Module.

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One of my clients (well 2 actually ) wish to stop shipping to the EU altogether.

At the moment the following zones are present -



How can I remove the shipping zone for the EU without it becoming part of @Rest of [email protected]


Or to put it another way if I delete the EU zone will it become part of the 'rest of world' zone, and if it does how do I prevent shipping to the EU ? 


Many Thanks, Chris.

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I haven't actually tried it, but if there are no shipping rates in a zone, there will be no calculated rates available for that zone.

Note: if there is no zone (Brazil, for example), then it falls through to Rest-of-World.

However, if Rest-of-World has no shipping rates, there will be no calculations for shipping to the rest of the world.

I am very confident that "no calculated rates available" does not mean "free shipping".


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I use the no calculated rate for the rest of the world to not allow an order if not in my shipping zone. So I am sure bsmither is correct (as usual ) that you simply need to remove the rates from the EU zone.

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