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What happened to the multisafepay payment ? i have it for many years but i do get errors now , multisafepay says it is not a know platform for them , this is th error

Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; MspAlternateTaxRule has a deprecated constructor
https://www.rbckits.com/shop/index.php?_a=gatewaymutingErrorHandler() (gateway.class.php:26)
require() (gateway.class.php:26)
transfer() (cubecart.class.php:1957)
_displayGateways() (cubecart.class.php:2173)
_gateway() (cubecart.class.php:448)
loadPage() (controller.index.inc.php:90)
include() (index.php:20)
Apr 04 2022, 16:59 pm [<strong>Deprecated</strong>] /home/u68474p65147/domains/rbckits.com/public_html/shop/modules/gateway/Multisafepay/api/MultiSafepay.combined.php:3373


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I don't recognize the name, but the error message says two things:

1. Your hosting provider switched from (probably) PHP5 to PHP7,
2. The module is quite old (you said 'many years').

Note: It is not beyond reason to think that CubeCart has programmed some modules without the assistance or recognition by the respective company.

Running under PHP7 will require updating the module.

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I agree with @bsmither - your hosting provider has upgraded PHP which caused for this to stop working.

Multisafepay used to offer this for Cubecart but not anymore

Google Cache at https://www.multisafepay.com/da_da/onlinepayments shows they supported it back then.

But the new page at https://www.multisafepay.com/solutions/ready-made-integrations no longer shows the Cubecart logo. You may want to get back to them to see if they can update the plug-in.

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