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Many years ago (before gdpr), when signing up to the web site, there was a newsletter checkbox.

I had this automatically checked by default, the customer would have to uncheck it, if he didn't want to subscribe to our newsletter.


Today I'm being informed by one of our marketing gurus that doing this essentially negates any gdpr rule breaking.

If a customer doesn't uncheck this on sign up, he's agreeing for us to use his data, so I'd like to reinstate this feature.

Any tips on how to reinstate the checkbox on the Mican skin please ?

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  • keat changed the title to newsletter signup

For Mican, the template 'content.register.php':

Near line 23, part of that line is:

{if isset($DATA.mailing_list) && $DATA.mailing_list == 1}checked="checked"{/if}

Change to:

{if isset($DATA.mailing_list) && $DATA.mailing_list != 1}{else}checked="checked"{/if}

As I read this change, once the registrant affirmatively unchecks the box, then for an occasion where the registrant is shown this same page to fix a fault, the checkbox should stay unchecked.


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