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category not showing in admin but visible on home page- Fixed

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Well as the title says, I have a category on the home page, Sale Items to name it that I cannot edit or delete because it is not showing in the admin panel for categories, any ideas?

Don't ask me how, problem resolved by itself, category disapeared from home page.

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Problem fixed.
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  • Claude E changed the title to category not showing in admin but visible on home page- Fixed

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Welcome Claude E! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

The "category" named Sale Items is not a proper category. It is a state of the pricing of the products - an alternate price that is lower, but not zero, compared to the regular price.

CubeCart has two "sale" modes: a globally-applied fixed percent amount deducted from the assigned price across all items of inventory, and a per-product variable sale price assigned to each individual item of inventory. Even when the per-product mode is selected, there could be, in fact, no items that have a sale price applied.

CubeCart will display the Sale Items on the category navigation bar when there are inventory items that can be purchased at the sale price: either globally calculated or per-product assigned. Otherwise, Sale Items will not be seen on the category navigation bar.

There is also another not-proper category: the Gift Certificates - when this feature is enabled.

CubeCart has a "caching" system. CubeCart pre-builds the category navigation bar (it is computationally complicated) and caches the completed HTML code. Thus, having made changes in admin that would/could affect what appears on the category navigation bar, those changes will not be seen on the storefront until the cache is cleared.

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