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How to capitalise on the html pages for SEO? Website internal searchability and searchability online.


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I have been using the html option to set a desirable html URL for my product pages. However I note that they still do  not appear on the search engines. Is there a setting that I am not using?

I am using CubeCart Version 6.4.4

Also my website (noochoon.com) searches products but will not bring up a whole category which seems crazy! Any suggestions, and has this got to do with the SEO searchability issues?

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In admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Miscellaneous section, there is a checkbox to have CubeCart rebuild the Site Map.

Once the Site Map has been rebuilt, Cubecart will 'ping' Google with the location of the site map so that it can be easily absorbed into Google's databases.

I have no knowledge of how long it would take for Google to make these pages from the Site Map appear in their search results.


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The bsmither’s advice is good. It’s hard to tell when Google will start showing your website in search results. All you can do is make the website’s pages as adapted for this search engine as possible. You need to use some key phrases in all textual content on your website and make sure they look like search engine requests.
You need to make the search engine believe you have the best content and that your website matches the user’s request the most. This is why people use keywords. And after you get visitors from search engines, you need to keep them on your website. You might use some help from www.atwix.com to make your eCommerce website look more attractive to the users.

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This problem may be related to search engine optimization. You should check whether your site is working correctly at the code level. Perhaps the problem is hidden somewhere in the code or layout. Next, it's worth checking your site's SEO, that is, how adaptive it is for Google searches.  Read what is seo package and analyze your capabilities. There is a possibility that the optimization of your site is at a low level, which negatively affects the search results.  When I had a similar problem, I turned to an agency that provided SEO services.

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