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Default payment option Stripe instead of Paypal commerce

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Hi,we are running older version 6.2.9,we use Stripe and Paypal commerce gateway.Stripe is on first position as we need and like,but default selected option is Paypal.I need to set selected default option Stripe.I set it as priority 1 Stripe,but for paypal commerce I see there is no option to set priority.How can I do it ?

And second thing,is there way to add logo/banner to Stripe ?

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  • DavidK changed the title to Default payment option Stripe instead of Paypal commerce

According to:


the latest version of the PayPal Commerce plugin should now have the setting to establish the priority.

There should be a small logo for Stripe in the module's /admin/ folder, named "logo.png". If its is there, then when managing the settings for the Stripe Module, for the Description, check to see if there is an asterisk next to "Description". The asterisk references a comment at the bottom of the table that says:

"It is possible to either enter text such as "Credit Card" or enter a file path to an image."

If that comment is shown for CC629, then try for the Description the value /modules/gateway/stripe/admin/logo.png. (If you are running your store in a sub-directory, prepend the sub-directory name to this value.)


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