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Paid help required please - gmail setup


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Hi - my store domain email is being blocked by hotmail, outlock, msn & a few others so want to set up my backup gmail account as the default for the store.  I already access gmail via my Thunderbird email client on PC so I know my hosting allows it but not having any success setting it up in cubecart following various posts on here (up to the Iow level I'm comfortable with)

Happy to pay someone to set it up.



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Recently had to change the password on a friend's Outlook 2013 (which does not do OAuth like Thunderbird).

Now, I have not actually done this for my development installations of CubeCart yet, but I have every expectation that this will work.

What you need to do is to acquire an "app password" for your "less-than-secure" app (as Google puts it). See:


To do this, you will need a cell-phone.

In your GMail account settings page, find the Security section. Enable "Two-step Verification". (This is not as bad as it sounds.) This is only to verify that the person doing this process is, in fact, you. Google will text a code when you begin the process of generating an app password.

There should now be a new option in the "Signing in to Google" section for App Passwords. Select this option.

On the App Password page, choose Select App, and for the name of the app, choose something like FettleBox Store (something in one or two words to describe what you are to use this app password for). Then choose Generate.

The 16-digit number in a yellow banner is what you will enter in CubeCart's SMTP Password field (the banner shows spaces between each set of four digits that are not part of the password - do not include the spaces).

This is all how it worked for Outlook 2013. I expect it to also work when wanting to use GMail as the SMTP server for CubeCart.

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FYI: I did come to the point in my development activities to finally need to fetch and implement an "app password".

It is very easy and quick, with positive results. The only (small-ish) difficulty was in finding the Security section of the Gmail account's Settings arena.


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Got it set up at last - I hope!  Easier than I was expecting.  Thanks!


I've sent a test message via the Contact Us page - came through from the gmail account.  I also did a test purchase.  Myself & the purchaser received notifications from the gmail address.

What should I have as the SMTP host?   I haven't changed that & it works so I guess the old setting is ok?


I still have smtp authentication set to 'No'.  Previously & now with the gmail address it fails on test if I set it to 'Yes'.  Is that ok?




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I use these settings:

Sending Method: SMTP with TLS (Recommended)
Outgoing SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
Outgoing SMTP Port (Default 25): 587
Use SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Username: <whatever>
SMTP Password: <specially-acquired app password>


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