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404 ERROR in my store

Mia of Oz

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Hi all,

My search, login and register functions have stopped working in my store.

I now get a "404 - page not found" notification.

I asked my web host to do a restore to a week ago. I also installed latest version of cube cart and no luck. Any ideas?

Thanks, Mia


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Welcome Mia of Oz! Glad to see you made it to the forum.

The latest versions of CubeCart now offer a choice of having, or not having, the suffix .html as part of the URL.

However, those specific web addresses (and perhaps a couple others) that do have .html as a hard-coded part of the link will present problems.

The latest versions of the included Foundation skin has had this fixed.

Perhaps you are using a skin that has not been re-coded to work with this "feature".

Please see:


We can give better instruction once we know what skin you are using.

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Ok, I think I'm using the Foundation skin.

I upgraded to cubecart version 6.4.5.

The store is also telling me to upgrade to php ver 7.3 but I think that's ancient. I only see php ver 4 to download. I'll try that.

Then I'll try your fix as per the link and will report back as someone else was asking the same question.

Thanks again!

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Do not download PHP 4. You can use PHP 7.4, but PHP 7.3 still works - although kinda old.

The discussion mentioned earlier is for the Minimalizer skin, but, if you take note of what, exactly, was specifically changed, then you would apply just the changed bits of code in Foundation.

So, you may have made a copy of Foundation, named it something else, and are using that. If so, then when upgrading, only the Foundation skin gets updates. And if you upgraded to CC645, and did not inhibit 'Foundation' from also getting updated, and are in fact using the stock Foundation skin, then this problem should not have surfaced.


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Did all of the above and as per the link you sent. No luck.

Installed Basix (Bootstrap Responsive Skin). Same problem.

Maybe I should upgrade to later php version? Sorry, I didn't see your earlier response. I just charged ahead and did my own thing.

I'll go back again.

404 page not found.jpg

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What version of CubeCart did you upgrade from? Was it a version before CC640?

I tested:


The first worked. The second got a 404 response.

This suggests that the database (maybe restored back to before CC640?) has some missing rows in one of the tables.

There is an open issue in the bug tracker regarding this.

Do you have access to an external database utility, such as phpMyAdmin (available as a tool in the hosting account's control panel), or some other tool?

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My partner did a crude patch by adding an html page that redirects to the correct page.

I hope I typed that right. Non techie person here! Login and register now works.

Still couldn't fix the search function though.

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probably just need to purge the cache's, I think that's what fixed this for me one time before, the custom SEO link was still using .html when the site was set to call for it. 

If you go to Store Stetings > Search engines and change the SEO URL extension option to .html, it'll probably also work without needing a purge.

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