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Basket empties when moving to secure checkout stage


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After choosing a product and going to secure checkout, the buyer is required to input their name, address, cellphone number, choose one the shipment options on offer and the method of payment. If no account set up is chosen then the following occurs.

Having done all that, the buyer clicks through to secure payment and the following screen appears


You'll see at this point that the basket has been emptied for some reason?

If the buyer does as directed and clicks on checkout of course it just says the basket is empty. If the buyer then goes back to continue shopping and reselects products and checks out again their address is remembered and the process continues OK and gets through to the payment screen.


If the buyer chooses to set up an account and inputs/confirms a password, chooses their preferred shipping and then goes to secure checkout the following message appears at the top of the same profile page where address details etc are input.


The password input/confirmation must then be input again, and if the same one as before is re-entered then the checkout goes smoothly thereon in, which indicates that the password first input/confirmed has been remembered and presumably verified OK. I have also seen this error message when trying to checkout without setting up an account, but because no password is then being asked for, if the buyer chooses secure checkout again it all works fine. Why it does this sometimes and at other times just clears the basket doesn't make sense to me.

Whilst the checkout procedure can be made to work by either re-selecting products again (guest buyers), or re-entering passwords/re-selecting secure checkout (account set-up/guest) the checkout process is not free-flowing and this increases the chance of losing the buyer.

If anybody wants to try this for themselves (and stop before inputting credit card numbers of course!) then the shop URL is https://shop.naturalhealingsolutions.co.uk/cube/

I think this is the last glitch!

Best regards




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I entered all the info, clicked Secure Checkout, got the Address has been updated" message, and got the same page with my address, the contents I put in the Shopping Basket, new shipping choices, and a Secure Checkout button.

Specifically, I did not lose the contents of the Cart.

I click Secure Checkout and am taken to Stripe's payment page.

I then click the "Back to Store" link and I get the same page as before. I still have the contents of the cart.

Is your sequence of actions different? Did I misunderstand a step?

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OK I just tried again and got the verification code error as before but my basket didn't empty this time?! That's an improvement!

So then I disabled the reCaptcha and now it works fine, but I've no idea why my PC wouldn't connect to the reCaptcha on my site when it does to others? Inconsistency isn't helpful! I'm guessing you had no issue with the reCaptcha appearing? 

I'm now in a dilemma - is reCaptcha going to work for everybody OK as I suspect you found, and was this just an issue with my PC alone, or are others going to have a problem too? Do I really need reCaptcha?

The lost basket contents  issue seems to have resolved on its own which is good, as long as it doesn't return!

Thanks for looking.


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Your browser probably has a Developer's Tools feature. One of those tools is a "Console" (maybe 'Browser Console' on a menu, More Tools section).

It will list any problems the browser is having with fetching and/or executing javascript, CSS, images, etc.


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