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Pricing text disappears when options are used


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On my site we have the text "+ GST" next to the product price. This has been working well but when i have gone to add an option field in for product colour, it is now hiding the "+ GST" text. It does briefly show during page load but then it goes. Any idea as to what could be causing this?

Link to example: https://mplastics.com.au/13l-food-grade-plastic-crate.html
Cubecart v 6.4.7
Skin: Basix

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I will assume that the Basix skin has the feature whereby, when the page gets loaded into the browser, a javascript routine is executed that makes a specific request (via ajax) for the current calculated price of the product. That price is the answer to a calculation that uses the product's base price, sale price, any alternate price based on the customer's "group" membership, quantity chosen (bulk pricing), and price differentials from options selected.

The data sent back from that ajax request seems to not include any formatting or content other than having added the currency symbol (and any locale-specific characters).

Research will need to be made.

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Your site says, "All prices listed on this website exclude GST." So, does that mean that the "+ GST" is somehow manually added to the price? That is to say, is "+ GST" is an edit to the skin template -- to hint that there will be GST eventually added to the price shown at checkout?

If this is an edit to the template, then examine the template code file element.product.call_to_action.php:

Near line 17, find:

<span class="sale_price" id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.sale_price} + GST</span>

Change to:

<span class="sale_price" id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.sale_price}</span> + GST

Near line 20, find:

<span id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.price} + GST</span>

Change to:

<span id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.price}</span> + GST


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