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Sending "Your Purchased Downloads" emails.

Robin Somes

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Site: piscesconservation.com/cube
CC 6.4.4 / PayPal Commerce 1.7.2

We have a long-recurring issue (which I may well have reported here before but can't find) of orders getting stuck on "Pending".

A non-trivial proportion of our orders get stuck when the payment gateway is PayPal. To the non-expert (me) it looks as if the payment is received by PP, but the confirmation response from PP does not make it back to the shop site. We receive an email from PP saying that we have received the payment. However, as far as the shop is concerned, the order status is still "Pending", and no 'Order Successful' or 'Your Purchased Downloads' emails ever get sent to the customer.

I can log in to the admin pages and manually change the order to "Completed"; that sends an "Order Confirmation" email to the customer, but no email with download links for their purchases. The customer then starts emailing us grumpily asking where their downloads are.

(1) Is there any advance on why this problem might occur with PayPal, and any way to get round it?

(2) Is there any way to send out the "Your Purchased Downloads" email, after the event, i.e. manually rather than automatically? Currently we have to either copy/paste the link(s) from the order page into an email, or upload the files to a public Dropbox folder and share them that way.

Many thanks,



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17 hours ago, bsmither said:

Manually moving an order to Processing should also send the download email. (Will be double-checking on that for CC644.)

Additionally, a download link will appear on the customer's Profile section, Downloads page (if they are registered as a customer).


Many thanks; I'll experiment and see. Unfortunately many of our customers are once-only purchasers, so they tend not to register.

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2 hours ago, Gamblesali said:

I have a basically indistinct issue and really remember that I don't have even the remotest snippet of data about the fundamental concern what to do. I can not track down a response for help me.

If you know that you have received the payment, but the order is still set on "Pending":

1. Change the status of the order to "Processing"; click the "Save and reload" button.

2. Change the status of the order to "Completed"; click the "Save and Reload button.

Then, the correct emails will be sent out, as bsmither suggests. I have tried it, and it works.

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