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Duplicated thumbnails on product pages


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I have noticed the thumbnails of product images are all duplicated. I have only noticed this since upgrading and changing skins. I have tried reverting back to old skin but it is still occuring. 

I've search the forum but haven't found any other instance of this issue. Has anyone found a fix for this?

Link to example: https://mplastics.com.au/double-scissor-lift-table-350kg.html
Cubecart v 6.4.7
Skin: Basix

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Of the four images, half have a URL of /images/cache/products/ and the other half have a URL of /images/cache//products/. Note the double-slash.

This list is assigned to the template array variable $GALLERY in the core code.

I am not yet sure how to fix this. Using an external database utility (phpMyAdmin in the control panel of your hosting account, for example), look in CubeCart_filemanager. You may find rows where the values in the 'path' column have a leading slash. A leading slash is not proper.

I do not (yet) know if a folder with a leading slash will show in the admin's Add/Edit Product, Images tab file-picker.

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Perhaps the data for these products was brought in via a CSV import? (I am still tracing the code to discern where there could be a missing check for proper formatting of an image's filepath when adding images in admin's Images screens.)

If the database table is shown sorted by 'filename', are there pairs of rows for the same image?

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Yes you are correct there are pairs of rows for the same image with and without the front slash.

In you saying CSV it has trigged a memory of me trying to use an import/export tool for bulk product updates and i am pretty sure that is how i ended up with the doubles.

I assume i should just delete all the images with the extra slash at the front in phpMyAdmin?


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