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Customer's Phone numbers are corrupting since new update.


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I can't seem to replicate it yet myself, but a large number of my customers have this as their phone numbers (see attached pic).

some of them are my friends who had a number there before, but now has this..

New customers who sign up are REQUIRED to enter their phone number, but get this when they put through their first web order.


As a concequence, when i get new emails with their orders, the email data ends at their address (gets corrupted when it tries to read their phone number), and the details of what they ordered is no shown (see other pic attached).

I can't be the only one that this happens to? any help?






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I updated to the newest cubecart version (from 6.4.5 to 6.4.7) on Aug 28th and the latest paypal update (1.7.2) in July.

I do not have a modified skin template or email template. 

Issues started on September 1st.. I have done no modifications to my website since last spring.

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Thank you Very much Al.

Mine was set to "OFF". I changed it to "ON (Required)".

If I understand correctly, when the checkout happens, the customers will be required to enter a phone number every time they make a transaction. Will this number update what they have in their profile on my website? or simply for that 1 transaction?

Thank you in advance.


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22 minutes ago, Al Brookbanks said:

Thats right

Sorry.. could you clarify? 

 Will this number update what phone number they have in their profile on my website or simply for that 1 transaction?


Sorry to be a bother, your time is much appreciated.

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