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PayPal Commerce and Wamp environment.


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Hi.  I have come back to Cubecart after a two year break (still have the old v642 shop).  I develop my shops offline in a WAMP environment.

My old shop had a Paypal Standard plugin, where I could just enter details to set up payments and use sandbox.  I have downloaded the later version v647 and cannot see a PayPal standard option, just the PayPal Commerce plugin?  When I go to 'manage extensions' and come to setup this extension, on edit I get the dialogue.   Please login with a secure SSL connection to connect your store to PayPal.  No buttons to click and no further dialogue or instructions on there?

Am I right in presuming PayPal standard is no longer available in Cubecart and if so, how do I proceed with setting up PayPal in my WAMP environment? 🤒

All input welcome as I am truly stuck at the moment.




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Hi Will, welcome back.  

PayPal Standard is no longer available. It's a legacy PayPal product that is being phased out and rightly so as the Commerce product is far superior in many ways.

I too develop locally and have been though the exact same issue. I expose the web server externally with port forwarding and a dynamic DNS service as I don't have a fixed IP address with BT Broadband. My ASUS router has free built in Dynamic DNS. You can then point a domain to your WAMP config and setup free SSL with https://certbot.eff.org

It's a bit of a ballache to get configured but absolutely ideal once done. 

This may help you https://bobcares.com/blog/lets-encrypt-wamp/ 

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Thanks Al.  Unfortunately the 'bobcares' guidance didn't work with my wamp setup. Changes to the httpd configuration file only resulted in Apache refusing to fire up with associated warning messages, despite double checking all of the syntax.

Sadly I only used the 'lightning bolt' method of installing PayPal standard before, rather than a stored download on my PC.  On this occasion it looks like I am going to have to return to using Zencart (horrid as it is), as would never put development sites onto live servers, for obvious reasons.  I am guessing everyone else using WAMP setups is going to run into exactly this same problem.

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Okay, I have put Cubecart 647 on live server space with SSL, on one of my older domains.  I now see the PayPal window okay. 

Question now is, how do I connect this to Sandbox rather than live PayPal for testing purposes?   I thought (hoped) simply putting my Paypal generated sandbox business email into the email box would kick it in to developer side, but it doesn't.  

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Took a while, but finally got there Al. 🤚  If I'm honest though, I think I'd prefer a 'toggle switch' within Cubecart somewhere, to switch between live and sandbox.

The good news is I don't have to go back to the dreaded Zencart.

Thanks for all your help and assistance today.  I am a happy bunny again. 😄

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38 minutes ago, Al Brookbanks said:

It's all time and resources which can be hard to come by .. 

I hear you on that.!!  I need a few 48 hour days to get ahead.  Trying to get SSL working on WAMP is sadly failing miserably (at moment).

On the plus side, Cubecart is a great piece of kit and your development of something that helps so many people to get their enterprises on the net, is something to be proud of. 

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Decided to persist with getting the wamp server to work in a ssl mode, so I could use PayPal commerce working offline with CubeCart. 

Well it has gone 10pm now and after looking at lots of variations on other sites and lots of trial and error, I have FINALLY got the PayPal Commerce extension working fully in wamp, meaning I can develop my sites offline and upload to live servers when completed... Yay.!!!

This is the difference with working with outfits like CubeCart, you get help rather than sarcasm and assistance rather than bitter critique.  

Forwards and onwards.....  Thanks Al

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