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Hi,  I have tried to generate a token, but all I get is a grey screen and no token.

I downloaded the files and got it going that way.

For the tracking ID do you enter the g-tag number for the new Analytics?  ie G-0K5RYTYZ11 or this app for the old UA number ie, UA-26600668-1


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It sounds like you may be encountering a technical issue while trying to generate a token. Without additional information, it's difficult to provide specific troubleshooting advice. However, one possible solution could be to clear your browser cache and cookies, and then try generating the token again.

Regarding your question about the tracking ID, it depends on which version of Google Analytics you are using. If you are using the newer Google Analytics 4, then you would enter the g-tag number (e.g. G-0K5RYTYZ11) as the tracking ID. If you are still using the older Universal Analytics, then you would enter the UA number (e.g. UA-26600668-1) as the tracking ID.  UPSers Login

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