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Stripe no longer reporting order number under description field after updating to 3.0.8


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Just noticed on our monthly Stripe report from Stripe that the field for description which is normally populated with the 'order for payment number' followed by the actual customer order number is now completely blank after updating the plugin to version 3.0.8

Wondered if anyone else has seen the same issue after updating before I report it as a bug.



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According to this bug report:


a line of code was removed because when Stripe updated their API endpoint by removing something (not sure what 'payment_intent" is), there was no longer any place to put that item of data - "Payment for order ###" - which then crashed PHP.

According to Stripe's documentation, you should be able to visit your Stripe Dashboard and specify which API version you want to be using -- quite probably 7.83.0.

Then, use Stripe module version 3.0.7, which is currently coded to use the included API library version 7.83.0.

Note: I have no way to test this.

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@bsmither you are correct, updating the API in the Stripe dashboard does make a difference. However many of the available fields in the stripe reports are not populated with data from Cubecart. Of those that would be most useful are the customer_name headed column. The customer name does appear in the dashboard but not in any of the downloadable reports, and the Cubecart invoice number which did appear if using the previous plugin, but not in the latest 3.0.7 version, I think this information should now appear under the invoice_id column


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