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Display the T&Cs only on footer not in the top menu


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That would certainly depend on the skin. I see that you are using the Crosshatch skin.

I also see that the links to the documents are of the form:


which CC6 generally replaces that with named URLs. So maybe you are using CubeCart 5?

In the skin template main.php, there are two places that use the same results from the constructed {$SITE_DOCS} variable.

To change the one but not the other, we need to replace the one variable with the HTML code used to construct that variable, making a change to exclude a specific element of the array.

In main.php, near line 43, find (yours may not be exactly this):


Change to:

<ul class="documents">
{if isset($DOCUMENTS) && count($DOCUMENTS) > 0} {foreach from=$DOCUMENTS item=document}{if $document.doc_id eq 3}{* skip T&C's *}{continue}{/if}
	<li><a href="{$document.doc_url}" title="{$document.doc_name}" {if $document.doc_url_openin}target="_blank" {/if}>{$document.doc_name}</a></li>
{/foreach} {/if} {if isset($CONTACT_URL)}
	<li><a href="{$CONTACT_URL}" title="{$LANG.documents.document_contact}">{$LANG.documents.document_contact}</a></li>

You may need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache.

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