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Category_index table not reflecting ALL product categories selected


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I download the database and import into my own SQL server so I can produce reports etc from the 'shop'

Recently, I have noticed that NOT ALL products appear with ALL of their category id's.

eg. from time to time we add a sale category (make it a visible Category) to some items - when this is done, the shop shows those items if we select 'Sale' category but it is not in the Category index table...

The category appears as selected for the product but does not appear in the Category index table.

So, where can I find the definitive list of categories used for a product. As the product displays the 'missing' category, where is it getting that from?

Am I missing the point of the Category_index table?

Is it possible to recreate the Category index table? if so, how.


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Referring specifically to items that are on sale, CubeCart must have Sale Mode enabled - either a global percent discount that affects all products, or a per-product value that gets set in the product's pricing structure.

If per-product, an item is considered on sale if the Sale Price is less than the Retail Price but greater than zero.

Creating a category named 'Sale' might interfere with CubeCart's 'state-of-being' (not really a category but is displayed the same way) of its Sale mode feature.

On CubeCart's storefront Navigation (Shop by Category), the 'Sale' choice will be included in the list if Sale mode is enabled and there are products that have the required pricing structure.


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IF! there is an issue of interference between a new category named 'Sale' and CubeCart's "Sale" feature, then by using any other name will get around that interference.

However, the products that have the new "ForSale" category assigned to them will not actually be on sale -- unless CubeCart's Sale mode is enabled and those products have a Sale Price. However, those same products could have their Retail Price temporarily lowered to be at a "Reduced Price", ignoring any Sale Price, and not enabling CubeCart's Sale mode.

You said: The category appears as selected for the product but does not appear in the Category index table.

In CubeCart's Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable Debug mode and enter your local IP address in the next field (www.showmyip.com). Save.

Edit a product, add the "ForSale" category as a secondary category to the product. Save.

Now, at the bottom of the page is a grey debug section (maybe two sections).

In the first section will be all the database queries executed when the data was saved. Look for a "DELETE FROM CubeCart_category_index" followed by "INSERT INTO CubeCart_category_index" (or something close to that).

The cat_id of "ForSale" should be in the INSERT query.

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