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Cache Button on v6.2.1


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I'm moving my site over to a new server, and the server tech and I were working on the backend of the store, because we were getting a 503 error in some areas, and I was checking for other problems, too. I decided to switch on another language, and the change wouldn't show in the front end.
So I remembered about the "Clear Cache" button. Since I had never used it, I did a quick check online to see exactly what it would do. It looked like the correct button to use, and it did work, the changes showed up in the front end. This was the first time I've used the clear cache button. Also, I always have the caching switched off, since I'm in no hurry. But after the clear cache button had been pressed, I noticed the store logo reverted back to the original "Store Logo" rather than my custom image.

And later still, I noticed some custom programming changes I had done had vanished!
I have archived copies of the cubecart folder and database, so I can restore this store.
But I guess I will never be able to use this button again, or my site will be down..

Update - The tech had a folder created called v6.2.1_bak, so I renamed the bad folder and made the bak the v6.2.1 folder.
After that, everything worked on the site, including the edits I had made that day which resulted in the 503 error rather than confirmation page from cubecart.
My cubecart was restored back to the customized version.
I went to the back end and modified the Latest Products area of the home page to default, previously had a notice that store was on vacation there.
But the changes did not show on front side.

I slept on it and next morning checked to see if caching had been turned on by the tech.
Yes it was on. He must have seen the red warning and done that first thing. I'm not sure if it was on or off when I pressed the Clear Cache button..
And that on/off switch must reside in the db I'm guessing as I had never had it on before and am using good archived version of cubecart now.
So I switched caching back off.

I checked the front end and the changes had been applied.
So the solution for me is just do what I've been doing, keep the caching off. (And don't touch that button, ever.)
And about that button, I noticed that after I switched caching off, now the button is colored.

As if to say "press me please."
No way Jose!
It seems to me that the button, at least for me functions as refresh/reset this software button.
Well now I know what it does and will play it safe and never use it.

I'm glad it happened when it did though, with a tech helping and with a backup copy of cubecart right there.
I understand what happened now, tech had enabled caching and that's the only reason my saves weren't being displayed on the front end, and why I decided to have a try with the Clear Cache button.
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