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Help needed with upgrade to 6.4.8

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HI all

Help! just started the upgrade of my online shop from 6.4.7 to 6.4.8

Soon as I started the upgrade I got a message saying something like I ill need to FTP the install script to my hosting. Something like that.

Now I cant get into my admin pages at all. The shop is still running fine.

Looking via FTP I can see global.inc.php and functions.inc.php are both dated as of the time I tried to upgrade. 

The Admin folder which contained my admin files is empty.

Is there a way to finish the install manually and get the admin files reinstated?

Appreciate any help you can provide


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OK fine I have a full set of backups.

When I started the upgrade earlier it completely emptied the admin folder on my hosting.

So I had an "admin" folder but there were no php files or anything else in it. So now when I try to go into my admin pages I get an error 404 (obviously as the php page I used to go to is no longer present)

Will give it a shot see what happens

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Ok so I've extracted out the files and just copied over the admin folder to replace my empty folder.  I've checked my global.inc.php values match but still getting an error 404. Do i really need to overwrite all files associated with cubecart or can i get admin working again before I do that?


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Thanks Al

So can I check - if my admin folder for example was called "admin123" and my admin.php file was called "index123.php" then my lines in global.inc.php should be this right:

$glob['adminFile'] = 'index123.php';
$glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin123';

and to get into my admin pages I would use the url www.myshop.co.uk/admin123.php


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Hi Al,

I've now uploaded all the contents of the zip, renamed the new admin.php to match the global.inc.php then navigated to www.myshop.co.uk/setup but instead of being able to upgrade I get this error:

[Exception] /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/classes/language.class.php:106 - Undefined constant "ADMIN_CP"

Any thoughts on where I go next?


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Please try this edit:

In /classes/language.class.php, line 106:

if(ADMIN_CP == false && isset($d[$url['host']]) && !empty($d[$url['host']])) {
if( (!defined('ADMIN_CP') || ADMIN_CP == false) && isset($d[$url['host']]) && !empty($d[$url['host']])) {


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