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Upgraded to 6.4.8 can no longer see orders in admin control panel


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Good morning, hoping I might be able to get some assistance with an issue experienced directly following an upgrade from 6.4.7 to 6.4.8 on my admin control panel.

The upgrade has run and the online shop is functioning fine post upgrade.

I can access Admin control panel fine, and everything appears to be working fine aside from the various Order views.

So when I look at the Orders page I just get a completely blank page - doing a "view source" shows nothing at all no HTML PHP etc just a complete blank page

Then if I look from the dashboard at "view today's orders" the report shows "no results found". Same for "this week's orders"

I do get an email when an order is placed and the email looks fine, with a message title of "New Order #230104-100718-4088" but there is no order number showing in the email message body.  Same applies on the dashboard views where you can see the name of the person who placed today's most recent order for example but no order number is shown.

Would be grateful if anyone can suggest how to get access to the order page to show.



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"I just get a completely blank page"

Please create the PHP error log and try to view that page again.


Hopefully, there will be a log entry that gives the reason for the blank page.

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Many thanks, I already had the error logging in place and just ran a test at 17.12 - tried to access the Orders page and no error specific to that reported on the error log.  There were a bunch of entries that I wondered might help explain though:

There are hundreds of this error today one for each image on my shop:

[04-Jan-2023 17:08:34 UTC] PHP Warning:  Undefined array key "/images/source/RG_Design.jpg" in /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/classes/catalogue.class.php on line 2154

Then the most recent lines in the error log are as below:

[04-Jan-2023 17:08:34 UTC] PHP Warning:  Undefined variable $cache_id in /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/classes/gui.class.php on line 1305
[04-Jan-2023 17:08:36 UTC] PHP Warning:  Undefined variable $cache in /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/classes/language.class.php on line 94
[04-Jan-2023 17:08:41 UTC] PHP Warning:  Undefined variable $cache in /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/classes/language.class.php on line 94
[04-Jan-2023 17:08:47 UTC] PHP Warning:  Undefined variable $cache in /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/classes/language.class.php on line 94

By way of further info, I had a problem with order numbers being missing on packing slips and email notifications as well as on the dashboard page (you can see the name of the purchaser but not the order id) prior to the upgrade which I did raise a discussion thread about back in October last year but didnt really get any answers so assumed it was normal.

The upgrade process looks to have worked fine but now you cant get into any orders views at all - new orders, historical orders etc. You can go into a customer record fine but if you try to look at the orders tab for that customer, again you get a completely blank page.

Hoping the above might help?

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Now have managed to get an error to show up, its this one that I suspect signposts the problem (have redacted the URL):

[<strong>Exception</strong>] /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/admin_Ok8tTn/sources/orders.index.inc.php:854 - var_dump() expects at least 1 argument, 0 given
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That is an "Exception', and if I recall, if not "caught" and dealt with, will cause PHP to quit.

In these forums, News and Announcements, the conversation at:


offers a set of changed files to fix some late discovered issues - the var_dump() issue being one of them.

Is this image present, or moved?


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Many thanks for the reply will have a look at the update mentioned above in the morning.

Regarding whether the image is present yes it is in place (I can navigate to it by URL i.e. www.myshop.co.uk/images/source/RG_Design.jpg

I have what looks like the same error for lots of image files, so may have a line in the error log for every image on the shop

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This is line 2154 in catalogue.class.php - which is new to CC648:

$image['image_tags'] = $GLOBALS['catalogue']->image_tags[$image[$type]];

This, "/images/source/RG_Design.jpg", is a valid array key. But does PHP know about the array image_tags already having an element with the key "/images/source/RG_Design.jpg"?

No. Hence, "Undefined array key".

This (large number of) errors getting logged is an annoyance. It does not affect the overall operation of CubeCart.

I will look for where the public $image_tags array is supposed to be filled in.

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Many thanks for your help with this issue.  I understand these are warnings and not to worry about.

I have tried the upgrade to 6.4.9 and the files copied across fine but when I tried to run the setup, I got as far as the screen where you choose to upgrade or install then when I selected upgrade and "continue" I got this error:

[Exception] /home/domains/vol1/497/2594497/user/htdocs/setup/index.php:240 - Cannot access offset of type string on string

And the upgrade goes no further.  Interestingly the files alone seem to have fixed the issue I was having with the Orders views as I can now see them. But every time I log into my admin control panel I get a warning note telling me my shop appears to be using files from 6.4.9 but has not been upgraded from 6.4.8

Any suggestions how I might get the install complete?

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The package of files that has been offered to replace a few existing troublesome files did have a change in the one file (ini.inc.php) that declares the version (now 6.4.9). Replacing these troublesome files does not require that setup be run again.

This package contains no changes to be made to the database or the database contents.

Hence, normally, setup makes an entry in the database table CubeCart_history with the version "processed" and the timestamp when it happened. But simply replacing these troublesome files did not also make the appropriate entry in the CubeCart_history table.

Using an external database utility, view CubeCart_history and change the value "6.4.8" to "6.4.9".


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