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i got this in the customer tel box


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I get this instread of a tel nr , maybe they did not dial in a tel nr as in other customers it works ok with a tel nr any thoughts ? thanks in advance

<a href='https://cubecart.com/45'>Disabled&l

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As you mentioned, if it was just this one customer record, I would ignore it (after deleting the bad data in admin).

What is surprising, is that Foundation has a 'validator' that pattern matches the phone number entry against allowable characters - and everything but the 45 is not allowed.


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Please verify the following:

Using an external database utility (such as phpMyAdmin available in your hosting account), look at the table CubeCart_customer, 'phone' and 'mobile' columns.

Does this strange content appear in the database?

These columns hold up to 20 characters, while this strange content has more than 20 characters. So, I think some core code is getting confused. But, I cannot find "https://cubecart.com" in the core code.

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Let's explore some possibilities:

Any customizations that have been made on the core code, repeatedly applied to CC644 through cc649?

Which modules are installed? Do you have that one PayPal module that takes it upon itself to update the customer's database record with data that comes from PayPal?

Which skin are you using?


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Dunno about original OP but for me


Disable All In One Shipping
Advanced shipping module that can calculate shipping based on the weight, subtotal and number of items in the order.
1.0.24 Shipping CubeCart Limited  
Enable Back in Stock Notifications
Notify customers when products are back in stock
1.0.1 Plugins Noodleman  
Disable Cinda Skin Settings
This extension is required for the Cinda skin to operate.
1.0.0 Plugins Patrick Bullert  
Disable CraftyClicks
CraftyClicks integration
1.0.1 Plugins Gabor Peter Suranyi  
Disable CubeCart Security Suite
The CubeCart Security Suite provides a number of tools to help secure your store.
1.1.2 Plugins CubeCart Limited  
Disable Google Analytics
A web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.
1.0.2 Plugins CubeCart  
Disable Google Base
Google base product export feed
1.0.3 Plugins CubeCart, Ltd  
Disable Google Microdata
Addition of google microdata to products
1.6 Plugins Havenswift Hosting  
Disable Google Merchant Feed
Google merchant product export feed
1.5 Plugins Havenswift Hosting  
Disable Intact Sales
Intact Custom Data Exporter
1.0.0 External Smither Consulting  
Disable PayPal Commerce Platform
Accept card payment, PayPal and alternative payment methods via the new PayPal Commerce Platform for business.
1.7.7 Plugins CubeCart Limited   phone.png
Disable SagePay
SagePay Payment Gateway
1.0.12 Gateway CubeCart


My Skin is a fairly editted version of Cinda at this point.

Now that you mention it, it's either skin related or probably Crafty Clicks which was a UK postcode finder that I'm pretty sure hasn't worked in years.

Edit: Nvm Craftyclicks is working just fine mechanically, seems that I just haven't paid my bill in a while due to cc expiry.

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Found it!

In the PayPal Commerce module, /hooks/class.cubecart.construct.confirm.php, line 63, a test is made against the $result from requesting the order status from PayPal.

In the $result is an array element holding the 'payer' phone number. If there is no such array element, or if it is blank, then use:

<a href='https://cubecart.com/45'>Disabled</a>

When visiting:
you are taken to:

Unfortunately, it seems that the link tag gets "URLSafed" when getting stored in the database, but not restored when being displayed in admin. Plus, that link string would be way too long to fit in any database table column holding a phone number.

I will post an issue in the Github.

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