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Shipping Not Working With New Update 6.4.9


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the per category module is on but when you add items to the basket it doesnt add the shipping cost to it for the customer. also i have the free shipping on and when it got to $100 it wouldnt charge the customer shipping. Now it is an option instead.

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If I look at:


then click on the 'BEAR AND SON' breadcrumb, I get shown 'throwing knives'. Clicking on the 'Automatic Knives' breadcrumb, I get shown CubeCart's 404 response.

This is similar to what is seen, and fixed by:


However, I think this does not have anything to do with your shipping situation. (But it might???)

I see that Per Category does offer a calculation (named USPS Shipping) at $0.00 -- supposedly from a setting in the product's main category (BEAR AND SON).

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yes the site is messed up since the update. it messed up my other site at directknifesales.com and i had to do a backup on it. that new update doesnt work very well. as to the http:// it also does that on admin login as my old admin wont allow me to login. i will have to do a backup on this site and wait for a newer update. it seems the more updates i do the worse off the sites get. if i hit the restore to current version in the upgrade section will it take me back to 6.4.8?

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