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intergrating pirate ship with my store


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It would be VERY helpful if I could somehow integrate pirate ship with my store. I would like to be able to get shipping quotes so my international customers can get a fair and proper quote. Right now I loose sales when they see for instance $400USD to ship to Germany, but it is only $100USD with pirate ship.

Assuming this can't be done (either already or by me hiring somebody to do it) is there at least a way to send the shipping info to them so I don't have to copy and paste it all?

Or at least be able to send it to UPS maybe?

I could not decide if this was tech help or extension talk, so I went with general.

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From what I can discern from a knowledgebase article* at Pirate Ship, it is Pirate Ship that contacts the eCommerce Store, queries via the store's API for a list of orders sitting at the "Processing" stage, sends PDF documents (shipping labels) to the store owner to have the owner print out those labels. Pirate Ship also contacts the store via the store's API to have the store move those orders to the "Completed" stage.

So, CubeCart would need to make an API listener, listen for the request command, deliver the list of Order Summaries through that API channel, listen for the response command, update all the orders that had shipping labels created.

CubeCart is just now developing a versatile API mechanism to listen for commands. (There does currently exist a very structured listener mainly for payment gateway instant notifications.)

Then, because it is Pirate Ship that initiates this entire sequence, Pirate Ship would need to learn about CubeCart's API and add it to their repertoire of interrogators.

Finally, Pirate Ship says that the customer will never know the true shipping charges. You would need to figure that out by using the USPS, UPS, and/or All-in-One-Shipping modules.

In conclusion, I think it is entirely do-able (and maybe already in CC649), perhaps starting with CC6410.



CubeCart can export Order Summaries to a CSV file, which Pirate Ship says it can import for bulk processing.

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Thanks B,

I am not sure if that sounds like what I want to do, but I assume it is just beyond my understanding.

In quickbooks, years ago when I was a user of that I could get a UPS label directly through quickbooks and all the shipping info was there.

Are you saying I can do that somehow using the CSV export stuff? Maybe not as seemlessly as Quickbooks did it but at least in some aspect?

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That's how I read Pirate Ship's explanation.

Give it a try. In admin, Sales Reports, Filter tab, choose a date range and select only "Processing". Click Display.

When the page returns, on the Results tab, there will be a list of found orders. Below the list is an "Export" button.

When clicked, CubeCart will offer you to download a CSV file. Load this file into a text editor and you will see that the rows of data comply with what Pirate Ship wants to see.



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