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Unable to upgrade.... /admin_xyz/sources/maintenance/index.inc.php - not found.

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I was just wondering if anyone else experienced an issue while trying to upgrade to 6.4.9 (from 6.4.7  or  6.4.8)

From the Dashboard => Maintenance ,  the screen displays:::::            /admin_xyz/sources/maintenance/index.inc.php - not found.


I checked and the   folder named      'maintenance    ' is totally missing

Would a manual upload solve this problem? Thanks !




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The URL is actually:


there is a period after 'maintenance', not a slash.

Where is the link (or rather, what page were you on) that took you to that problem web address?


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The "Upgrade Now" link was shown to you on the Dashboard Page? (Shown in a banner right after logging in?)

The target of that link is:


So, somewhere in the core code, the use of the values of '_g' ('maintenance') and 'node' ('index') to assemble the directory path is faulty.

I recall this being an issue in the core code many, many versions ago.

Let me do some research.

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Ok, so that works. So far, only Maintenance seems to be the problem.

Is there a file in the admin folder, /sources/ sub-folder, named 'maintenance.index.inc.php'?

In admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab, are there any entries that say something like, "Unable to load content for..."?

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in the System Error Log, there seems to be no entries with "Unable to load content..."

In the /sources/subfolder, there is no file named maintenance.index.inc.php


The screenshot in my original post indicates that a subfolder  ... /maintenance/... is being referenced.  It does not exist




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If this file does not exist:


then there is code that assumes what CubeCart is working with is akin to how CC3 and CC4 organized its administrative function files. Thus, a very misleading error message.

In /sources/, there should be 43 files, all having the suffix ".inc.php".

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There are only 40 files with the suffix   ".inc.php"


I just downloaded and extracted v6.4.9 locally and there are 42 files with inc.php suffix within the /sources/ folder

I can figure out two of the files that are missing, but I'll still need that last one....and which is it?  Ugh


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The files that should be admin /sources/ are (all will end in .inc.php):

categories.index, customers.email., customers.gdpr, customers.index, customers.subscribers, dashboard.index,

documents.contact, documents.email, documents.index, documents.invoice,

element.navigation, filemanager.index, maintenance.index, maintenance.sql, marketplace.index,

orders.index, orders.transactions, phpinfo.index, plugins.index,

products.assign, products.coupons, products.export, products.import, products.index, products.manufacturers, products.options, products.optionsets, products.reviews,

reports.index, settings.admins, settings.currency, settings.errorlog, settings.geo, settings.giftcertificates, settings.hooks, settings.index, settings.language, settings.logs, settings.redirects, settings.requestlog, settings.tax,

statistics.emaillog, statistics.index



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I found that three files were MIA:  maintenance.index,  products.import, and statistics.index

The files were copied to the /sources/ folder successfully.  Then I brought the Dashboard up and clicked on the red banner to 'Upgrade now' , and got this unexpected screen:


I started rooting around Dashboard=>Maintenance=>Database and found five 5 errors - similar to what is shown here.  Not sure if I should use the 'Optimize/Repair/Check/Repair tool located at the end of the list. 


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Well, it seems the screen being shown to you is a "less than ideal" example of good UX design.

This screen is wanting you to "Click on the action you wish to perform."

It simply is not obvious that the entire "Upgrade to CubeCart 6.4.9" box of information is a huge submit button.

So, click on the colorful icon (little box -> big box) to begin the (database) upgrade process.

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Upgraded to 6.4.9


Dashboard=>Maintenance=>Database   is now showing two table errors .... although everything seems ok for now...

the two tables:  _extension_inf0,seller_id   and  _order_summary.custom_oid

anything of concern?



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