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USA address format - State ISO

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I'm a UK based shop but a good proportion of my orders are from USA.    I drag & drop the address details into the Royal Mail Click & Drop online portal to process my postage. 

The Cubecart address format has the US customers declare their state in long-hand version rather than the shortened ISO format eg South Dakota instead of SD.   I have to manually amend these on the Royal Mail portal & occasionally have to double check against a list for some states ISO code that I use infrequently.

Is there a way the ISO code for US States could be used on Cubecart instead of long-hand version?

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You are getting the address items from the admin, Order Summary page?

If so, try the following:

In the admin /sources/orders.index.inc.php:

Near line 419, find:

$overview_summary['country'] = is_numeric($overview_summary['country']) ? getCountryFormat($overview_summary['country'], 'numcode', 'name') : $overview_summary['country'];

After that, add:
$overview_summary['state_abbrev_d'] = is_numeric($overview_summary['state_d']) ? getStateFormat($overview_summary['state_d'], 'id', 'abbrev') : $overview_summary['state_d'];
$overview_summary['state_abbrev']  = is_numeric($overview_summary['state']) ? getStateFormat($overview_summary['state'], 'id', 'abbrev') : $overview_summary['state'];

In the admin template orders.index.php:

Near lines 163-164, from:

{if !empty($OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state_d)}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state_d|upper}, {/if}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.postcode_d}<br>


{if !empty($OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state_abbrev_d)}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state_abbrev_d|upper}, {/if}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.postcode_d}<br>

Near lines 174-175, from:

{if !empty($OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state)}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state|upper}, {/if}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.postcode}<br>

{if !empty($OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state_abbrev)}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.state_abbrev|upper}, {/if}{$OVERVIEW_SUMMARY.postcode}<br>


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