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upgrade advice 6.4.5 6.4.9 6.4.10

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My cube instaklation seems to be a mess. I have 6.4.9 with 6.4.5 datbase, and dates are wierd and adding digital products isn't working.

what options should i choose for backup of mmy data base?

Softolocous on my host invites me to upgrade to 6.4.10. I intend to try that âth.

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back again

I did the upgrade to 6.4.10 and as usuall the process stalled at 20%. I now have 6.4.10 with a database 6.4.5.

I s there any way of tweeking th edatabase to be 6.4.10?

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In the setup folder, /db/upgrade/ contains a set of upgrade SQL statement files.

You can use CubeCart's admin, Maintenance, Query Database (Advanced) tab to enter each SQL command, but there will be no result displayed.

Otherwise, you will need to use an external database utility to execute these SQL statements.

After doing all the statements in these command files (if needed, check for existing structure) starting with 6.4.6.sql, you will then add a row to CubeCart_history indicating the version and time the upgrade to the database was made.

Also in the setup folder, the /scripts/ folder has files that will massage the data to work with the respective version of CubeCart. For example, 6.4.6.php has code that updates the configuration to use PHP's date() code characters.

Look in your hosting account's control panel, find a possible PHP error_log. It may show what is causing the upgrade to stall.

If PHP's error_log file cannot be found, see:



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thanks for the advice. I finally decided to do a fresh install with 6.4.10 by softocolous on my hoster. now reinstalling images and paypal module.

Still some problems.

digital options list doesn't refresh, so files uploaded directly to/files/ dont show.

Image list does refresh.

dates still have % everywhere

Can't find where to not accept credit cards except through paypal. There's no 'module' tab on the left.


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