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Errors on currency update


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In admin, Error Log, System Error Log tab, take note if there are any entries that mention ECB Exchange Rates.

In admin, Request Log, take note of any entries of:

Request Sent (cURL) - https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml

If all is good, there should be a Response received (200 - OK), followed by the actual response - an XML string.


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Yes I am getting a 200 OK:

Response received (200 - OK) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <gesmes:Envelope xmlns:gesmes="http://www.gesmes.org/xml/2002-08-01" xmlns="http://www.ecb.int/vocabulary/2002-08-01/eurofxref"> <gesmes:subject>Reference rates</gesmes:subject> <gesmes:Sender> <gesmes:name>European Central Bank</gesmes:name> </gesmes:Sender> <Cube> <Cube time='2023-03-09'> <Cube currency='USD' rate='1.0554'/> <Cube currency='JPY' rate='143.82'/> <Cube currency='BGN' rate='1.9558'/> <Cube currency='CZK' rate='23.626'/> <Cube currency='DKK' rate='7.4421'/> <Cube currency='GBP' rate='0.88814'/> <Cube currency='HUF' rate='379.10'/> <Cube currency='PLN' rate='4.6785'/> <Cube currency='RON' rate='4.9150'/> <Cube currency='SEK' rate='11.3365'/> <Cube currency='CHF' rate='0.9911'/> <Cube currency='ISK' rate='149.90'/> <Cube currency='NOK' rate='11.2715'/> <Cube currency='TRY' rate='20.0026'/> <Cube currency='AUD' rate='1.5965'/> <Cube currency='BRL' rate='5.4202'/> <Cube currency='CAD' rate='1.4574'/> <Cube currency='CNY' rate='7.3515'/> <Cube currency='HKD' rate='8.2848'/> <Cube currency='IDR' rate='16294.30'/> <Cube currency='ILS' rate='3.8079'/> <Cube currency='INR' rate='86.6215'/> <Cube currency='KRW' rate='1395.00'/> <Cube currency='MXN' rate='18.9237'/> <Cube currency='MYR' rate='4.7715'/> <Cube currency='NZD' rate='1.7232'/> <Cube currency='PHP' rate='58.237'/> <Cube currency='SGD' rate='1.4279'/> <Cube currency='THB' rate='37.066'/> <Cube currency='ZAR' rate='19.6578'/> </Cube> </Cube> </gesmes:Envelope>
But it still says: "failed to get exchange rates, please update manually" at the top of the currency screen after update.


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We believe the error response is a false-negative.

In the table of currencies, there is a column for "Last Updated". Does the date shown here reflect when you last fetched the rates?


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