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Hosting not compatible preventing upgrade

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Attempted upgrade from 6.4.4 to 6.4.10

Now I receive this banner message

Using code 6.4.10 but database is at 6.4.4. Run setip

So I run setup and receive this
Hosting not compatible .

Zip (Zip Archive)  - not installed
mbstring (Multibyte string) - not installed

and Try Again just cycles these messages

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In your hosted control panel, you should have a group of settings that define what specific version of PHP you want your hosted environment to run under, as well as what PHP extensions you want to have installed - such as a "mysqli" database extension that lets PHP talk to a database.

There will be a dozen or two extensions you can enable for your environment for PHP to use.

Choose to enable the ZIP and MB_String extensions.


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Worked a treat. Greatly appreciate your knowledge and assistance in all things CubeCart

I did an upgrade from PHP 5.7 to 7.4 and it did not tick those 2 boxes ... maybe they are new to 7.4 and CC needs them

All good now, happy customers again

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