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Admin logon failing


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Hi All,

I'm in the process of creating a localhost of the latest version of cubecart so that I can demonstrate it to a perspective client.The steps I have taken are firstly get a copy of the database from another site that is working perfectly although this site is not using the latest version but is working perfectly, then I  installed the latest version of cubecart and go through all of the setup processes all OK to the point of using the provided admin login and this works fine using the new databases name which at this stage only has the setup products, categories etc. and this all works fine using the username and password. I then import the previously copied database and now when I try to login on the admin page using the same usernames and password which previously worked I now get an username/password error.

Has there been a change that is causing the username/password not to be recognised.

What I'm thinking is that the copied database is either not compatible with the latest version or there is a new username password table that is not in the previous database.

Hopefully somebody can shed some light on my issue and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


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There is no difference of an admin logging in from a previous CubeCart 6 version versus the latest version.

There are three places where that message could be generated from. We can add custom code that will reveal which of the three situations triggered the message.

Look in /classes/admin.class.php:

Near lines 345, 414, and 455, change:
$GLOBALS['gui']->setError($GLOBALS['language']->account['error_login']." at ".__METHOD__.":".__LINE__);


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Hi Brian,

Sorry for the delay in responding but I haven't been to well.

What I have done though is I imported the database and then installed the new version of software and surprise surprise it all seems to be working OK now. What I haven't done yet is the modifications that the prospect client would like to see. These modifications have been done before so ideally there should be no issues.

Thanks again for your invaluable help it is always appreciated.

Best Regrads


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