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Displaying Short Description

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Hi all,

1) Is it possible to show the "short description" in an area in the "Item description" below the price and buy button, but not show the short description in the product overview listing ?

EG.. show here


But not show here, but use the automatic insertion details ?


If it is possible, where do you insert the code and what would the code be to display contents of short description ?

I want to insert some short custom text for each product, like a table which contains details of qty discounts, special offers, a short description of the product say 150 characters, etc etc.




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In the Foundation skin template "element.call_to_action.php", at the end of the file, add:


In the Foundation skin template "content.category.php", find:

Near line 97:

Change to:
{* $product.description_short *}

The change above makes the template code into a template comment.

I do not know what you mean by "automatic insertion details".

In admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, Product Precis (latest versions of CubeCart now call this "Maximum Short Description Length"), set this to a higher number if you find that the Short Description is getting cut short.

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"automatic insertion details" by that I mean, if you insert text into the short description area, this is displayed in the product overview description instead of being extracted from the item description.

If by doing the above, will this still allow insertion from the item description area ?


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There are separate variables for "description" and "description_short".

If nothing is entered in the Add/Edit Product's "Short Description" editor box, then for the "description_short" variable, CubeCart will use the beginning of the "description" variable, having removed everything that is not simply text, up to the number of characters set in Product Precis. Otherwise, having Short Description content will be used for "description_short".


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