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Access mailing list from offsite

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In admin, Mailing List, Export Subscribers tab, an admin can download a text file (plain text or CSV) containing newsletter subscribers. This list can be integrated into another list for use by an external program.

On the Import Subscribers tab, a textbox exists to submit a list of email addresses to be added to CubeCart's newsletter subscriber list, if wanting to use CubeCart's feature of emailing a newsletter.


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Thanks for the reply, but it's not the answer I required.

I want to have access to people joining my cubecart mailing list, but accessing the submit box from offsite.


If I wanted to access the mailing list join, from my own website it would be something like www.mysite/skins/template/box.mailing.php

But that dont work if accessing from a html page made on another site. So how do you put a html join up page on another site ?



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Unfortunately, CubeCart employs a one-off (nonce) "Security Token" that is unique for each POST payload to the storefront (which is coupled to a cookie-based 'session'). The programming code that processes the command to add an email address to CubeCart's Newsletter Subscriber database is looking only for POSTed key/values in the payload - not anything in the querystring.

Without a current security token, all GET and POST key/values are unset.

What needs to happen is to fetch any page from CubeCart. That page will have a form element of type=hidden containing the security token. Then, the form on the external site will submit a form:


[email protected]

Cubecart also employs an optional "double-opt-in" where an email is sent to the address submitted with a link to CubeCart to verify the subscription.

And CubeCart also employs an optional reCaptcha that must be solved prior to proceeding with certain functions - 'subscribing' is one of them.

Currently, there is no known after-market extension that would provide for CubeCart accepting subscription requests outside of itself.

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Great answer thanks !

If the above is true, then it would be possible to send the user via url from one website to mywebsite, to a page that only had the signup submit, and then resize the page to display this, with something like......

('http://www.mysite.com/signup2',"My Window Name", "width=200,height=100")

If that would work, then any idea what the code would have to look like on the page within mysite to make that work ?


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What we can try to do is a code snippet with a 'cron' trigger. So, at your other site, a simple form with method "get" (passes a querystring) will be processed by the snippet - which can be as lax as you need it to be.

In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, click Add Snippet. Fill in the form that appears:

Enabled: checked
Unique ID: IngestSubscriberEmail@cc649+
Execution Order: 1
Description: Accepts and databases a subscriber's email address from outside CubeCart.
Trigger: cron
Version: 1.0.0
Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/58293-access-mailing-list-from-offsite
   * Uses the 'cron' hook
   * Does not restrict based on 'double opt-in' settings.
   * Does not restrict based on 'reCaptcha' settings.
    if (isset($_GET['email'] && filter_var($_GET['email'], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
        $email = strtolower($_GET['email']);
        $GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_newsletter_subscriber', array('email' => $email));

        $record = array(
            'status'  => true,
            'email'   => $email,
            'customer_id'   => 0,
            'ip_address' => get_ip_address(),
            'date' => date('c'),
            'imported' => true
        $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_newsletter_subscriber', $record);

The form to submit the data items:

Form attributes:

Form payload:
[email protected]

Test thoroughly!


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