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Easy way to update images

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Keeping the same name and their location in the folders, I would make sure that wherever the new images are located, they have the desired names and being in the desired folders. Then FTP the lot and requesting the FTP transfer to overwrite existing files.

Then, have CubeCart clear it's internal cache, which clears out all the pre-sized images derived from the source.


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One way to update multiple product images while keeping the same image name is to use a batch renaming tool. Here are the steps you can follow:

Make a copy of all the images you want to update in a separate folder.

Use a batch renaming tool, such as Bulk Rename Utility or Adobe Bridge, to rename the copied images with the new version number or other identifier.

Go to the product page or gallery where the images are displayed and remove the old images.

Upload the renamed images to the product page or gallery, ensuring that you select the option to replace the existing files.

This process allows you to update the images while keeping the same file names, which can help maintain consistency and avoid broken links on your website.

Hope so this suggestion will help you.  www.benefitscal.org

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